Library Card

Applicants who request a library borrower's card from the Wall Lake Public Library must show personal idenitification that includes verification of current address.  Examples of acceptable identification are : a valid driver's license, printed checks, a utility bill, or a current receipt showing the applicant's current address.  Upon showing identification, patrons may fill out an application and check out library material immediately.

By signing the application form the applicant agrees to :

  • be responsible for all use made of the library borrower's card
  • obey the rules and regulations of the Wall Lake Public Library
  • promptly pay any charges incurred
  • provide timely notification to the Wall Lake Public Library of any change of address

Children may apply for their own library borrower's card when they can write their first and last names by themselves.

A parent's signature on a child's application form constitutes his/her permission for the child to have a borrower's card.